Pastoral Relations

“We are each given particular gifts of the Spirit. For the sake of the world, God calls all followers of Jesus to Christian ministry.” - A Song of Faith


Pastoral relations policy governs search, selection, calls, and appointments between ministry personnel and communities of faith within The United Church of Canada. Pastoral relations policy is set by the General Council and implemented cooperatively by communities of faith and regional councils.

In Chinook Winds Region, the work and decision making are accomplished cooperatively by the Pastoral Relations Minister and the following council and working groups:


Pastoral Relations Processes

Regional Council Liaison

The work of pastoral relations in the Communities of Faith is accomplished with the help of very important participants – the Regional Council Liaisons.

The Regional Council Liaison guides the Community of Faith through the pastoral relations process from the first notice of change in ministry personnel, through the writing of the Community of Faith Profiles and Living Faith Stories, and the position description; to the search and covenant processes.

Training for Regional Council Liaisons is provided by the Region.


Ministry and Personnel Committees

Training for Ministry and Personnel Committees (M & P 101) is provided by the Region.


Contact This Office If

  • There is a change or imminent change in ministry personnel in the Community of Faith (either the ministry personnel or community of faith asking for a change of pastoral relations, retirement, etc.)
  • There is a possibility of a new ministry personnel position being created.
  • You are writing a Community of Faith Profile which is either a result of a ministerial change or may lead to a change in ministry personnel.
  • You would like to request that your ministry personnel be granted sacraments privileges (for students or Sacramental Elders).
  • You, as ministry personnel, would like your marriage licence to be activated or inactivated.
  • You would like to be a Regional Council Liaison to a Community of Faith.
  • You have questions about the Pastoral Relations process
  • Your M & P Committee would like training or a refresher
Rev. Dr. Karen Medland
Pastoral Relations Minister

Phone: 403-306-0192 Ext. 6102
Toll-free: 1-800-268-3781