Property Working Group

We work with communities of faith on the faithful use of congregational property.

Policy Goals are established to progress the Purpose
Policy Limits are defined that help preserve and defend the Purpose
Working Group and Community of Faith Tools, Processes, and Resources have been designed that progress the Purpose


The Property Working group works with the Community of Faith Support/ Strategy person to provide strategic support and policy resource to communities of faith as they manage land and assets;

  • To administer policy including regular Land Title matters with reference to land and asset stewardship in Chinook Winds Region;
  • To make decisions in consultation with the Executive Minister on requests from Communities of Faith to buy, sell, mortgage, exchange, renovate, lease, or otherwise deal with property (Manual 2019 C.2.6(a)i)
  • To make recommendation through the Executive Minister to the Region Council regarding strategy and policy for land and assets;
  • To administer Region financial resources for land and asset stewardship planning


The Property Working Group works with the Community of Faith Support / Strategy Consultant to make decisions and administer policy on property and asset stewardship within Chinook Winds Region.


Accountability and Reporting

The Working Group will be accountable through the Community of Faith Support / Strategy person to the Executive Minister and will provide reports as required by the Executive Minister.



Joel Den Haan

Community of Faith Support/Strategy Consultant