Featuring Communities of Faith and Ministries

Policy Goals are established to progress the Purpose
Policy Limits are defined that help preserve and defend the Purpose
Working Group and Community of Faith Tools, Processes, and Resources have been designed that progress the Purpose

Our Community Ministry Stories webpage aims to empower people to get to know our communities of faith and ministries around Chinook Winds Region! Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding posts about individual communities of faith or ministries. We hope that it will foster a spirit of being neighbours in Christ, near and far.

We hope to make it fun for church leaders to offer their information, and for us to read what has been shared! The following invitation has gone out to ministry leaders. If you’re a church member and want to help, please connect with your minister to do it as a team.

Just Copy the outline available HERE, fill it out and send it to Shelley Den Haan, Communications, sdenhaan@united-church.ca.