reVITALize to be in Edmonton September 26 -27

An invitation from Dr. Catherine MacLean
I am thrilled to invite you to reVITALize.
A group of us have led reVITALize for three years in London Ontario. Jeff Crittenden came up with this great idea and hosted it between Metropolitan United Church and the Centre for Practical Theology. The stated purpose was “Explore Church Growth, Leadership and Discipleship – together”.
Now we have the United Church of Canada Foundation funding to take it on the road. Northern Spirit Regional Council has offered support as well and is advertising through the network there.
reVITALize is an opportunity for friends and fellowship and conversation. We have wonderful speakers, lunch & snacks, great music, and a modest registration fee. Please register as soon as possible: there is a 25% saving for registering straightaway.
The event is open to everyone. The speakers will bring a variety of topics, from Leviticus to death to sex to missional leadership to blood to leisure gone wild to good religion. Some speakers are theologians, some are practising clergy, some are therapists, some are bi-vocational, some are laypeople.
Some presenters are local: John Pentland, Andrew Kinoti Lairenge, Susan Lukey, Rabbi Gila Caine, Prof. Doris Kieser, Sherry Steele, me. Some are from a distance: Malcolm Sinclair, Sue Browning, Brad Morrison, David Armour, Rob Fennell, Michael Kooiman, Gabrielle Heidinger Baerg, Ross Lockhart, Kimberly Heath, and Jeff Crittenden. 
It will be in Edmonton on September 26 and 27. We begin Thursday, September 26 at 9 o’clock and close Friday at 5.
Registration is $100. You can etransfer to or send a cheque to St. Paul’s at the address below.
Attached is a poster with the information you need. Please print it and post it in your church so others will be invited too:  reVITALize Edmonton Sept 26,27
Christopher MahPoy has graciously forwarded this email to you. For further information on the event, please call or email me at the address below.
Many blessings,
The Rev. Dr. Catherine Faith MacLean
Senior Minister

St. Paul’s United Church, Edmonton