Drum-Making Workshop Fosters Learning, Connection, and Healing

At the end of July 2023, a group of Indigenous men gathered on the Stoney Nakoda First Nation to learn the traditional craft of drum-making. A large buffalo hide was used to cut circles that were then attached to drum frames made of wood.

Renowned singer, drummer and Indigenous Knowledge Keeper Simon Paul, led the workshop and the men worked hard learning cutting, stretching the hide, preparing the frame and stitching with sinew. Delicious homemade hot lunches were served and new friendships formed. Members of the Sober Crew were in attendance, sharing their important messages about sobriety and following a spiritual path.

Funding was provided by The United Church of Canada Healing Fund. Further support was from McDougall United Church, Calgary, and the Urban Indigenous Circle. The workshop was a success and our plans are to continue hosting Indigenous healing and learning workshops in the future.

Drum-making workshop 2023 Stoney Nakoda

Thank you to the volunteers and workers who made the workshop a success: Teresa Snow, Simon Paul, Rev. Tony Snow, Robbie Daniels, Sam Bighetty, Kim Cuthill, Mika Snow, Rachel Snow, Alvin Kennedy and Shauna Kennedy.