Introducing our Regional Executive: Shauna Getz

Hello! My name is Shauna Getz(that’s me on the right!) I was born and raised in Oyen, Alberta. My parents were small business owners and taught us about faith and community and what it means to contribute and care about others. I now reside in Calgary with my wife of 25 years.

My wife, Letitia, and I left another denomination and for many years were without a community of faith. We didn’t attend a church until we found the community of Symons Valley United Church and then everything fit.

I have been a social worker for over 25 years and most recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Human Resources and Labour Relations. I have been a member of the Chinook Winds Executive since 2022. I am also a member of the ministry and personnel committee at SVUC and I enjoy singing in the choir.

I feel called to support the work of the church and those who lead it; using the experience and years I have served the community as a Social worker and my new education. To help bring the message of wholeness and faith to the church and the larger community.

My hopes for the future of the Chinook Winds Region are togetherness, acceptance, perseverance, and the creation of a welcoming community of strength and hope!