Introducing our Regional Executive: Kevin Dorma

  Over the next few weeks, our Chinook Winds Regional Executive members are introducing themselves. This week, it’s Kevin Dorma.

What does a consulting engineer bring to the Chinook Winds Executive? No, this is not the beginning of an obscure joke. My professional background is in the world of chemical engineering: providing advice on how to design and operate a wide range of processes to be safer, more productive and profitable, and with less impact to the environment. The engineering field is decidedly secular where we make decisions based on demonstrated evidence; there is no room for faith.

I see something in Christianity that appeals to my rational, problem-solving, evidence-based, decision-making ideals. I see a revolutionary leader, one that leads by example instead of by decree. I see Jesus encouraging us to use our brains to decipher what God is telling and showing us. I see Jesus using logic and critical thinking to show people why we need to move away from long-standing traditions and to challenge the decisions made by authority figures.  I see God’s evidence being held up to demonstrate what is true rather than being swayed by someone’s testimony. I see Jesus a little differently.
That is what I bring to the Executive.
Dr. Kevin Dorma, PhD, PEng (AB, MB), LLWL, is also a member of Innisfail (AB) United Church.