Introducing our Regional Executive: Allan Buckingham

  Over the next few weeks, our Chinook Winds Regional Executive members are introducing themselves. This week, it’s Allan Buckingham. Last week, we began with Rev. Joanne Anquist, our Regional Council Presider. 

Allan Buckingham & family

My name is Allan Buckingham. I prefer they/them pronouns, but am fine with he/him. I live in Banff, my home since 2006. I have a strong commitment to, and involvement in, The United Church of Canada. I also love living and playing in the mountains.

I’ve been involved in church governance at local, regional, national, and international levels since 2004 including time on the Executive Committee of the World Communion of Reformed Churches, and as Business Coordinator for General Council 43 & 44. I’ve learnt so much from my wider church involvement. It has greatly shaped the ways I see Jesus, and how God is at work in the world. It’s also shaped my beliefs on how we can, and should, be living a life of radical love and hospitality. Jesus so clearly demonstrated how this can be done (though it’s certainly not easy to replicate), and is an amazing example of what we should be aiming for.

When not geeking out at church meetings, or exploring the natural landscape with my spouse and 11-year-old, I do Financial Life Education & Planning with people. I believe our current financial system is broken and causing many people to suffer. As a Christian believe I need to work to change the system, and I do that work. Until that change happens, I work with people to survive and subvert the system as best as possible, so they can live meaningful and enjoyable lives.