United Church Self-Insurance to
Reduce Premiums by 15 per cent

By Susan Brodrick, Chair, Property Working Group and Chinook Winds Commissioner to General Council.

        Are you a Community of Faith or United Church ministry who is insured currently by the United Church of Canada Hub Program/UCC Protect? If so there are changes taking place effective December 1, 2022 renewal times and forward. The General Council meeting held this past summer approved the attached proposal to follow a captive insurance model.  

      This in fact means that the National Church under the new name, United Assurance, will self-insure smaller claims and an insurance company will look after very large claims. The benefit of starting a captive insurance process will help reduce the premiums that we have all seen rise over the past few years. In the first year, each Community of Faith insured currently through Hub should see a reduction in their premium of a minimum of 15%. This information has been shared through emails to treasurers and trustees this Fall 2022, as well as if your insurance policy is to be renewed on December 1, 2022. If you have used a local broker to help you navigate your insurance but still are insured through HUB via your broker, that broker should have received some information about the new Captive Insurance Program.

 If you currently are not part of the United Church insurance and are considering moving to that when your renewal comes up, you can begin the process. Please check out the information in the FAQs.

       Below are a couple of links that you can follow to hear more about the program from the National Church: