New Format for Indigenous Advent Series 2022

This year we present our Indigenous Advent Series with a focus on the four virtues from our Assiniboine teachings. We are told that one day we will be asked about the 4 basic virtues and how we lived them on our life’s journey. In our Journey to the Spirit World there are four Tip Iyokihe representing these virtues: 1) Woohitika (Courage), 2) Wakante Ognaka (Generosity), 3) Wacin Tunka (Fortitude), 4) Wok’sape – Wisdom. While the four basic virtues are difficult to live, to live them out fully you will live a good life and be a good relative to others. 

The Indigenous Advent Series 2022 will take place in a different format from the last two years studies that took place on Zoom.

Four short video reflections will be available in this spot on the Chinook Winds website for people to use — either for individual or congregational reflections.

Additionally, Rev. Tony Snow will be preaching at four different churches in the Chinook Winds Region each Sunday of Advent, beginning with Acme (AB) United Church on November 27 and then Hillhurst United, Calgary, on December 4. As they are available, live stream or recording links will be shared here.

Each video and Sunday sermon will focus on one of the four virtues. Please check back regularly for updates.