Gazebo Fire at Robert McClure United Church

A fire earlier in July caused significant damage to the Robert McClure United Gazebo that’s used for many community events and activities. The congregation is raising $3000 to fix the damage and prevent fires.
The Robert McClure Gazebo is used for multiple events and seasonal displays

From Robert McClure United, Calgary
We are thankful that a construction worker from the school next door noticed the fire and called 911 for the fire department to come and put it out. There is structural damage to the floor so the whole floor and support beams will need to be replaced. But we are grateful because it could have been a lot worse. 
We pray that those responsible for the fire can find relief from their addictions which is ultimately the reason for the fire.  And that we all can find forgiveness in our hearts for those that started the fire.
The gazebo is a special place for our church and our community.  It is a resting place for many people while out walking or a stop to visit or read a book and where high school students play games. It’s where we hold special events such as our Thanksgiving display, Journey to Bethlehem on Christmas Eve and Journey to the Cross on Holy Saturday as well as musical performances, weddings, and celebrations of life.
We are reaching out to our church communities and friends to ask for help.  Due to our financial situation, we will not be able to repair the gazebo for some time without the generosity of others.
Donations Accepted!
We estimate that the repairs will cost about $3,000.00.  This will include a metal plate floor covering on the floor which should eliminate the chance of damage from another fire.  If you would like to help, donations can be made by e-transfer to  Please mark your e-transfer “Gazebo Fire”.  Your generosity is most appreciated and would be supporting the ministries of Robert McClure United Church.