Planning Ahead for Congregational Finances

Many charities expected to experience cash flow challenges in 2022

By Joel Den Haan

Joel Den Haan

Financially, many congregations are in a transition period for the next several months: in-person activities are picking up while online ministry continues. This has the potential to increase costs while revenues from in-person events and facility usage may not increase at the same rate, particularly given inflation.

Churches are not alone in this challenge; many charities are also expected to experience cash flow challenges for at least the balance of 2022.

How can we manage this? In the short term, all communities of faith are advised to develop cash flow projections for the balance of 2022 and discuss these with Chinook Winds Region representatives. It can be beneficial to know more clearly what lies ahead.

 Does it look like things are going to get too tight to manage before year-end? The time to look at options is now. Please contact me, Joel. I am available to support you as are our knowledgeable volunteers from the Community of Faith Strategy and Property Working Groups. 

You can contact me via email or call 1-403-317-0593.

The United Church of Canada’s Western Canada Stewardship Animator Vicki Nelson is also available to work with you on stewardship campaigning and revenue planning- BEFORE cash runs short.