Update from Chinook Winds Regional Executive

By Vicki McPhee, Presiding Officer

Vicki McPhee
Presiding Officer Vicki McPhee

The Chinook Winds Region (CWR) Executive met in mid-November. Once again, I find myself feeling grateful for the technology that permits us to gather from our many different locations. We are not meeting in person, as of yet, because of our provincial COVID numbers however, last week we were reminded that, sometimes, there are other reasons not to travel. Both Treena Duncan, Executive Minister, and Mauricio Aarujo, Executive Assistant, reside in the lower mainland of BC. With the wild weather and flooding, it was good that they were able to stay home while attending the meeting.

The Policy Working Group is putting the finishing touches on the Governance Policies for the CWR Executive. The Executive received an overview at this meeting and the final draft of the policies will be presented to the Executive at its next meeting. We also worked on the Annual Vision of Ministry – which will help guide the Executive, going forward, as it sets priorities and direction for the Region and the Executive Minister.

The meeting dates for General Council 44 have been announced. https://generalcouncil44.ca/news/key-dates-general-council-44 Thank you to the Commissioners attending the meetings on behalf of Chinook Winds Region. Two additional pieces of information for the Commissioners: 1. Treena will be running a training session for the GC Commissioners in January. Please watch for an invitation to this gathering. 2. There are funds to assist with the cost of pulpit supply, if need be, in order for you to attend the Sunday meetings. Please contact Pastoral Relations Minister Stephen Harper for more details.

The Executive moved to include five youth in the General Council 44 Youth Council. First Third Ministries will be developing and leading a youth council as part of our regional council.  This will be an opportunity for leadership development among our youth by having them participate in the Regional meeting and be a voting member of the Region.  They will also interact with the Region in other ways, including being part of a service project to the wider church during their term.  There will be joint activities with the Pacific Mountain Youth Council to create a wider community and opportunity for learning. 

And, finally, the Executive also moved to reduce the Regional Assessments by half for 2022. Instead of being assessed by the Region at 10% of the Denominational Assessment amount, the 2022 Regional Assessment will be 5% of the Denominational Assessment amount.  

As we move into the time of waiting and we anticipate the coming of the Christ Child, I pray that you and yours find the hope, peace, joy and love of this Advent season.

Yours in Christ,

Vicki McPhee