New Possibilities, New (Job) Opportunities for Youth Forum @ General Council

Youth Forum & Home Group Leader Applications’ Deadline: January 10, 2021

By Chris Mah Poy, First Third Ministry Coordinator, Chinook Winds

Apply for Youth Forum 2022

Youth Forum for General Council 44 will be online in 2022. What you might not know, and what First Third Ministry Network is excited to announce is that Youth Forum Delegates will get a unique opportunity to do a paid internship as part of their participation in Youth Forum.

Hold the phone; what’s General Council and what’s Youth Forum? I’m glad you asked! General Council is the triennial (every three years) national business meeting of The United Church of Canada (UCC). In our system of governance, The United Church of Canada consists of formal gatherings called “courts” where decisions are made via a democratic process. General Council is the national equivalent to our Regional Gatherings; the national “court” where representatives of the UCC from across the country gather to discuss and advocate for issues like Reconciliation, Affirming Ministry, Climate Justice and more; where visions for new and innovative ministry are presented and where proposals are examined and adopted by the national church.

Youth Forum is a part of the General Council where United Church youth from across the country get to gather in leadership and worship to advocate for the needs of youth in the church and promote youth leadership in all aspects of church life.

We are so excited about this unique opportunity for youth in Chinook Winds and Pacific Mountain Regions to network with United Church youth nationwide, build community connections and develop their leadership skills.

The current schedule for Youth Forum includes:

  • February 4-6: Community Building, Home Groups, Worship and Mock Session of General Council
  • February 13: Worship and Opening Motions to Constitute General Council 44
  • March-May: Monthly Listening and Learning Sessions and Home Group Time
  • June 16-18: General Council 44 Discernment and Discussion
  • July 4-August 26: Youth Forum Delegates Summer Employment Period
  • July 22-26: General Council 44 Decision-Making
  • August 7: Moderator Service of Installation

This is a unique opportunity for The United Church of Canada, where young leaders can have a real impact on the direction of the church, now and into the future. Youth ages 15-19 with a keen interest in the twin paths of discipleship and community action are invited to apply HERE


The planning team for Youth Forum at GC44 is also seeking qualified individuals to act as Home Group Leaders during the online Youth Forum Winter Retreat. Home Group leaders will work with First Third Ministry animators to care for and support our youth delegates during the retreat. Home Groups are integral to the experience, providing an open and inclusive space to meet other young people from across the church, fostering a community of deep relationships, sharing ideas and process information, as well as providing structure around Duty of Care and accountability. Good leadership of these groups is crucial for the success of the Youth Forum.

If you’re interested in applying to be a Home Group Leader, please apply HERE

First Third is excited about the possibilities these new opportunities will bring to our regional youth and we hope you’ll apply!

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Mah Poy or Jake Highfield

For more information about GC44 please visit the website at