First Third Ministry Update & Backpack Blessing

With the fourth wave of COVID-19 is in full swing, and the case count rising across BC and Alberta, both the young adult retreat; Holy Listening and the youth retreat; YouthTrek, planned for September and October respectively have been postponed until 2022.

Coming this Fall 2021

We are planning to continue with our online confirmation course this fall, and look forward to connecting with people who wish to deepen their spiritual journey. These events will be held over Zoom, with an in-person retreat held in early 2022.
         Please stay tuned for announcements regarding small group events being held locally this fall.

Participate in our Weekly Leadership Meetings

We strongly encourage children, youth and family ministry leaders to join us at our weekly leadership meetings on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm MT for fellowship and collaboration. It’s a busy time as we return to worship and school, and we are grateful to lean on each other’s experiences and share best practices for our ministries. You can register HERE

Finally, as children, educators, parents and caregivers return to school this fall we wanted to let you know that we are holding all of your in thought and prayer.
       For many of our communities, we celebrate the Blessing of the Backpacks, so I wanted to share with you this very brief blessing:

Blessing of the Backpacks

Blessed be the backpack, that most essential piece of gear,

The place where lunch is packed and snack is snacked for the rest of this school year.
O ’Backpack, go on this epic journey, and bring gym shorts home to be washed,
Pack books, and pens, and notes from new-made friends, and keep the homework from getting squashed.
       Know that this backpack and its bearer are blessed by their community
Empowered by the loving spirit; a teacher, a guide in times of great uncertainty.
Creator, our loving mentor, thank you for the gift of knowledge,
Bless this backpack and its bearer, even right-through on-to college.

If your congregation is looking for resources for return to school worship definitely check out the Illustrated Ministry Blessing of the Backpacks Worship Guide (it’s free!!)

Questions? Email Chris Mah Poy, First Third Ministry, Justice and Ministry Networks Coordinator.