Stroll for the Soul: Oh the places where we strolled!

By Rev. Nancy Nourse

Stroll for Your Soul
Images are from Chinook Winds Stroll for Your Soul Strollers

Stroll for your Soul has wrapped up its three-week program! Over 250 people across Chinook Winds Region and beyond participated by taking intentional time to reflect on a daily email from Janice MacLean from the Prayer Bench. Janice helped us take note of beauty in creation as we walked and rode our bikes.

An additional piece of this was collectively keeping track of our mileage. We began in Whitehorse, and the distance quickly grew, taking us through northern BC, down through our region, across the prairies, Ontario, Quebec, and into the Maritimes. With the help of a few ferries, we island-hopped back to the mainland and drove across Labrador and into Quebec, with our distance topping out at 11,005 km! What an accomplishment to celebrate from working collectively together!

Thank you to all who took part and for your lovely emails, weather reports, reflections, and insights as we collected the mileage we travelled. Here are a few words to share with you:

• I sincerely thank you for your Stroll for Your Soul emails. They were truly outstanding. I am blessed to live in Canmore Alberta, so I live with a strong connection to nature. Yet your emails stretched me to look and feel my surroundings in new ways. Thank you. – Faye Forbes Anderson

• I absolutely loved doing this. I have lived in this house for 21 years. I have walked the paths around here many many times. Needless to say, I walked with new eyes! I now have a new understanding of the concept of “forest bathing” Thank you to Chinook Winds for doing this. – Barb Rooney

• I was thinking of this morning’s inspiration about enjoying beauty in our world. We travelled on Hwy 9 to Beiseker that has numerous farmers’ fields along the way. We saw quite a variety of animals and birds: horses, cattle, calves, 3 baby goats, geese, ducks, 6 hawks, and 1 merlin falcon. In addition to that were the blue sky and numerous pillowy white clouds. I was thinking that we are so grateful to live in a country where we are able to enjoy and be thankful for the beauty that surrounds us when we actually notice it. – Daniel Wall