Town Hall on June 23: Hybrid Worship

Andria Irwin

The Chinook Winds Town Hall on Wednesday, June 23 at 2 pm MST, will welcome guest speaker Rev. Andria Irwin for a conversation on Hybrid Worship – combining in-person and online ministry.
Andria is one of the ministers at Highlands United Church in North Vancouver and is also the minister of United Online, a resource of LeaderShift (PMR). She is the co-author with Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee of Following: Embodied Discipleship in a Digital Age, being published by Baker Academic in August 2021.

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In preparation, read this note from Andria:

Something for Everyone — Discerning what a ‘hybrid model’ means for your community; Introducing key areas of focus, and Where to find the support you need

We’re almost as sick of the phrase “hybrid model” as we are of the phrase “new normal.” If you’re anything like me and the communities I’ve been in close conversation with, the phrase brings up feelings of immediate urgency and a sense of scrambling, along with one pesky question: what even is that? 

The frustrating reality is, we’re still learning what a hybrid model is (me included) and because we’ve never tried it before, we’re not sure what’s going to work. What we do know is that it doesn’t feel optional, and there doesn’t seem to be a one-size-fits-all solution. 

If these frustrations and curiosities sound like you, join me on June 23 for a conversation around how to view the hybrid model within the context of your own community, the four areas of your church life you should consider in creating both online and in-person connection, options for discerning where to put your energy, ideas to spark your own planning conversations, a glimpse at what kind of growth and continued connection is possible, and some suggestions for where to go for resources/ continued support.

Before our meeting it might be helpful for you to spend some time in contemplation around the following questions:

  • What am I too tired to continue?
  • What does our church’s vision/mission/ministry plan indicate is most important to our community? Has this proven to be true over the past year based on what we’ve prioritized? 

My hope is that these 40 minutes together will fuel you with the energy and conviction you need to speak to your own church communities with confidence and clarity around what needs to come next. As for the technical to-dos … well, the Spirit of Pentecost is upon us and she isn’t the least bit hindered by our how (but we’ll get to that in some workshops later this month). 

Looking forward to meeting with you! Andria Irwin