Regional Executive Update

By Vicki McPhee, Presiding Officer

Vicki McPhee: Photo taken at the June 2019 Regional Gathering

The Executive of Chinook Winds Region met Thursday, February 18th, via Zoom. While we miss gathering together in person, we have great appreciation for the technology that allows those of us from across the Region to meet regularly with our Executive Minister and with each other.

The Executive continued the discussion about the governance structure of Chinook Winds Region – a structure known as Policy Governance (commonly referred to as the Carver model). The Executive is receiving guidance from Dan Hotchkiss, author of Governance and Ministry: Rethinking Board Leadership, in the development of policies and terms of reference for the Region.

First Third Ministry – ministries that focus on those people in the first third of life (children, youth, young adults) – is an opportunity for partnership between Chinook Winds Region and Pacific Mountain Region. The Executive discussed the ongoing development between the two Regions to best provide support and leadership to our young people.

Much of the Executive meeting was spent in conversation exploring strategies of how best to support Communities of Faith across the Region. It is a priority of the Region that Communities of Faith have the support and care they need in order to thrive and to continue be a real and necessary presence in Alberta.