Ever considered Licensed Lay Worship leadership?

Irene Milton
Irene Milton

By Irene Milton, Licensed Lay Worship Leader
Have you ever felt a push or pull or shove while you watched your congregation struggle to have someone conduct worship while your minister is away? Or maybe you don’t even have a minister? Well, I experienced just this sensation 15 years ago when information about a course for Lay Worship Leaders came across my Church Office Administrator’s desk. I scrambled to get my congregation’s support and enrolled – at that time the training was through St. Stephen’s College in Edmonton and was six sessions, not four and were in person not online like now.
      For the past 14 years, I have filled the pulpit for congregations in Calgary and throughout what was Foothills Presbytery as well as my home congregation of Blackie-Gladys. I give God thanks every time I do so, for giving me the push toward this ministry which I find fulfilling in my service in God’s name.
Please consider this vital ministry that supports ensuring Chinook Winds Churches have pulpit supply when needed.
Details on United in Learning’s Online Licensed Lay Worship Leader Training
          During COVID-19, Chinook Winds Pastoral Relations Office also encourages congregations to consider partnering with other churches doing online worship when pulpit supply is required.