Temporary Changes to Manual

Temporary Changes to the Manual of The United Church of Canada
At its November 26, 2020 Meeting, the General Council Executive has made the following amendments, in effect until June 30, 2021:

a) an extension of the temporary amendments to pastoral relations policies that temporarily allow Governing Bodies to make urgent pastoral relations decisions (initiating, changing or ending calls or appointments, etc.);
b) a temporary suspension the requirement in section B.5.1 of The Manual for congregations or pastoral charges to hold an annual meeting; and
c) a temporary amendment to the responsibility of the congregation or pastoral charge to make a decision on their annual draft budget by allowing the governing body of the congregation or pastoral charge to fulfil this responsibility where necessary, and permitted by the regional council.

Permission is granted by Chinook Winds Region to allow Communities of Faith to reschedule the mandated Annual General Meeting for a safer meeting time.  However, if online meetings are possible for you, we would still recommend meeting early in the year to touch base, remain connected and do the work of the Community of Faith.

If an Annual General Meeting is not possible early in the year, the decisions about the budget (usually one of the priorities at that meeting) can be delegated to the Governing Body. 

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