Finding Church Records at home?

Archivist Leanne Templeton

By Leanne Templeton
While some of you may be baking bread, others may be tackling paper piles in an overfilled filing cabinet or the neglected boxes in the basement. Should you come across records about the life and journey of your Community of Faith, please start a folder or box to set them aside for the Archives.

Perhaps you’ve decided to pull out an old album and sort your photos? Now’s a great time to label the back of the images with a pencil to indicate who is in the photo, where and when it was taken. Or for those who like to put words to paper, take a moment to write down memories about your family’s roles within the United Church. What activities they engaged in, big and small. Camp cook? Choir singer? Committee member? Journaling can be therapeutic, but also, your stories of special events, music, picnics, mentors and spiritual leaders come and gone add flavour to the records that describe your Community story. Please consider sharing your reminiscences and records with the Archives. If you have any questions about how to organize your papers or prepare them for deposit, email Chinook Winds/Northern Spirit Regional Council Archivist, Leanne Templeton