An Update to Chinook Winds Communities of Faith

From Treena Duncan, Executive Minister March 26, 2020

      We at Chinook Winds Region know that the COVID crisis has hit our communities hard and in often unexpected ways.  
       Our Alberta government officials know the value and importance of our faith communities in providing needed spiritual and social support. In a telephone meeting on Tuesday with 380 faith group leaders including many United Church personnel, Premier Jason Kenney said, that the government is asking faith communities “to ensure the resilience of our population. There is, even more, a need for pastoral support at this time.”
       As communities of faith, you are providing vital services to our population.

We also realize that many communities of faith are struggling in the uncertainty of finances. Rest assured that Chinook Winds and General Council Office are examining alternatives and ideas for weathering this storm. More information will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, as Executive Minister I would like to advise you of the following measures:

1. Continue to reach out to Chinook Winds staff with your questions- we are ready to work with you. You can be in contact with Lee Spice or Joel Den Haan.

2.   Please refrain from decisions about staff transitions or lay-offs until we can get you updated information. During the next few days, the General Council Executive will be meeting as well as the Chinook Winds Regional Council Executive. You can expect more information following those meetings.

3. Take time to review and digest information already in hand:

• Six Step-by-Step Tips for Church Finances during COVID10 on the Chinook Winds Website

• Recorded Webinars for Church Treasurers and Ministry Personnel. These were produced by United in Learning this week and can be viewed HERE:

4.  Remember the grace of God and the generosity of our participants, which has been a significant strength for communities in Alberta in past times of trial (the Floods of 2013, Fires in Slave Lake and Ft. McMurray).

In these times we know that many in our communities of faith are concerned about the future, while others are dealing with illness among themselves and their families. Let’s give ourselves time to consider the help that is available, and the wisest pathways forward.  Chinook Winds Region representatives are at work to support you as much as we can.

We ask for your prayers for and with one another as we all do our best to support each community in these difficult times.  We are not alone.

Treena Duncan,
Executive Minister, Chinook Winds and Pacific Mountain Regions

Also, please note that the Chinook Winds Regional Office staff continue to be available to you although the physical office is closed. All staff are working remotely from their homes. Telephone: 403-306-0192.