Rendez-Vous 2020 comes to Alberta

By Robert Massey

Rendez-Vous last took place in Montreal in 2017. This summer, over 400 youth and young adults are coming to Calgary for Rendez-Vous 2020!

Rendez-Vous 2020 is coming to Calgary on August 11-14!
Rendez-Vous is the United Church of Canada’s triennium conference for youth and young adults. It is a gathering of over 400 youth from across the country, and we are so happy to be able to host it at the University of Calgary. It’s an amazing opportunity for all the churches in the Chinook Winds Region to show off why Alberta is an awesome place.
We have an exciting lineup of speakers including Calgary’s own Pam Rocker of Affirming Connections and Amazing Race Canada winner Dr James Makokis. There will also be live music from a fabulous band of entirely Calgary-based youth, the Naked Faith Band. We will visit various
attractions including Blackfoot Crossing, the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Banff National Park, the Site of McDougall Memorial United Church in Morley, and so much more.

Seeking Local Volunteers

There are so many ways for you to get involved with Rendez-Vous 2020 (RDV2020.) We will need to cover 1,350 volunteer hours over the four days of RDV2020. That’s a lot of people, but if every congregation in the Chinook Winds Region sends one person, that’s just 14 hours per congregation. Or 7 hours if it’s two people, and just 3.5 hours if it’s four people.

Can you find four people in your congregation to help volunteer for just 3.5 hours to make this the best Rendez-Vous yet? Volunteers can sign up HERE

Help Youth come to Rendez Vous 2020

As well, we also want all of the Chinook Winds Region youth to be a part of this fabulous event. It’s $350/person to be there. There are a huge number of ways you can fundraise with your youth. Watch for a future article about how to do just that! Can your congregation help to fundraise so that every youth in our Region can afford to go to their local Rendez-Vous?
There are also a lot of youth from across our country who won’t be able to come because they can’t afford to be here. Can your congregation help to take the burden off a deserving youth who otherwise wouldn’t be able to be at RDV2020 in YYC? Please consider fundraising to cover the registration cost for one youth from elsewhere in Canada who otherwise won’t be able to attend. You can donate directly to Rendez Vous through The United Church of Canada who ensures the money gets to the right people.
We are so excited to be hosting RDV2020 in Calgary, but we need you to help make it happen. Let’s get all of our youth out to RDV2020 at UCalgary, let’s help bring in more youth from across the country, and let’s show them the volunteer spirit that has made Alberta famous.
Show these youth that they really matter to you and your congregation.

Robert Massey is part of the Local Arrangements Committee for Rendez-Vous 2020 and is with YYC Campus Ministry. YYC Campus Ministry is The United Church of Canada’s Campus Ministry in Calgary at the University of Calgary, South Alberta Institute of Technology and Mount Royal University.