Policies for Licensed Lay Worship Leaders

Licensed Lay Worship Leaders (LLWL) play an essential role in the ministry of the church. As we have begun a new way of being as Chinook Winds Region, the following are the policies that have been put into place regarding Licensed Lay Worship Leaders. These resolutions were passed at a meeting of the Chinook Winds Pastoral Relations Regional Council, Pastoral Relations Working Group, Ministry Support Working Group and Lay Ministry Support Working Group, on June 24, 2019.

From the Licensed Lay Worship Leader Handbook: Many lay people in a congregation participate and give leadership in worship, but those who participate in a licensed lay worship leadership program are choosing to develop their leadership gifts further. They are not entering the order of ministry. The term “licensed” indicates that an individual has engaged in a course of study and is considered personally and theologically suitable to offer occasional worship leadership within the bounds of the regional council.

From The Manual (I.1.11.5):
A licensed lay worship leader is someone who
 • is a member of The United Church of Canada 
• has been recommended by the governing body of their community of faith to be a licensed lay worship leader 
• is willing to take a course of preparation to be licensed 
is willing to serve as a licensed lay worship leader under the direction of the regional council 

That the Chinook Winds Region Pastoral Relations Council adopt policies laid out in the Licensed Lay Worship Leaders handbook (June 2019) from the General Council Office for the future use of the Region and the associated working group (currently the Lay Ministry Support Working Group).

That the candidate for Licensed Lay Worship leadership submit proof of completion of studies, along with a current police check, to Chinook Winds Regional Office upon finishing the required course work.

That a Licensed Lay Worship Leader be allowed to preside at worship for no more than three consecutive Sundays to a maximum of 12 Sundays per year in the same Community of Faith.

That the compensation for Licensed Lay Worship Leaders be the same as the rate for visiting ministry personnel, as specified by the General Council Office, including the provision of services in one’s own congregation.

That each Licensed Lay Worship Leader on the current roster of Chinook Winds Region have their licence renewed until June 30, 2020.
That Licenced Lay Worship Leaders will apply to Chinook Winds Region annually for re-licencing. The application will need to be accompanied by a letter from the Governing Body of the Community of Faith.

If you have questions, please contact the Pastoral Relations Minister, Lee Spice, Email Lee Spice