Spirituality of Fandom — The Survey!

A Research Project by Rev. Tracy Robertson (minister at St. Thomas United Church)
website: www.vilya.com/spirituality-of-fandom/survey

Hi! My name is Tracy and I would like to invite you to participate in my crazy project, The Spirituality of Fandom. Spirituality? What is spirituality? I’m sure it’s different for everyone. For me, spirituality is the feeling of being connected. Fandom is sharing that connection with others who feel the same way. Connections can be through nature, relationships, faith, sports, pop culture, tractor pulling, dog showing, quilting, etc. – you get the idea.
I’m wondering, what is your take on spirituality? My family is involved in many different, pop culture fandoms: comics, superheroes, video games, furries. I like learning how those loves of pop culture enhance our spirituality. I would also like to learn about yours!
You might find some of the questions don’t fit into your particular fandom, and THAT’S OK. I want to hear about it all! Please answer those questions that most relate to you and don’t worry about the rest.
To participate in my research project, you can:
(a) write your answers on a paper survey (available from the office and in the front Foyer on Sundays, and mail it back to me (20 Whitebow Place NE Calgary, Alberta T1Y 3G9)
(c) go to the website click here and use the online form to submit your answers
(d) call or text me and we can meet up for coffee and an interview; I will be attending 14 Fandom Cons across Canada in 2019 (mobile: 403-870-3930, email: tracy@vilya.com)