Born of Wind & Spirit: June 7-8

The first Annual Gathering of the Chinook Winds Region will happen this June 7th and 8th, 2019 at McKillop United Church in Lethbridge, around the theme of “Born of Wind and Spirit.”

Things have changed, and continue to change. And while we no longer have some things, we have each other, and because we still have one another, we gather. We agreed to not call it a “meeting” but rather, a gathering—a coming together from many places that we might become one.

Our first gathering, a two-day event, will focus on

  • establishing and creating relationships across our new region,
  • sorting out our priorities as we seek to follow Jesus in this new way,
  • and recognizing the many endings and beginnings in our life together.

Worship, Music, Theme Times and Business Times will be interspersed with stories and food and refreshments, and perhaps some tears, some laughter – all to build up this part of the Body of Christ now called Chinook Winds Region.

As we have worked to plan this event, John 20:11-18 has continued to speak of awe and hope. At the empty tomb, Mary has heard that things have changed, but the knowledge of that did not seem real until those “angelic voices” spoke to her. Then, blinded by her tears over all she has lost, she turns to find a “gardener she does not recognize” whose words open her heart and eyes to the wonders that have arisen.

To me, it seems that is similar to what we are doing—knowing what we’ve lost and letting go while discovering surprising newness emerging. That’s where our theme arises—we are becoming new, Born of Wind and Spirit.

On-line registrations will begin about mid-March. And while there are lots of details still to finalize, the hosting team wants you to know what’s anticipated and how you can connect.

First, at your annual meetings, each Community of Faith needs to elect a Regional Representative according to the same formula you previously used to elect Presbytery delegates. They will need to be willing to attend the gathering and to make a report when they back to their home congregations so you will know what has happened.

Second, hold the Hosting Teams in your prayers. We are trying to create something new, and there are lots of places where the Spirit still needs to bring us clarity. Your prayers and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the initial planning schedulesubject to changes and developments, of course!!!

Friday, June 7th

  • Registration begins at 9:30 am at McKillop United Church in Lethbridge
  • Opening and Worship at 11:00 am
  • Lunch, theme times, business times proceed through the afternoon and early evening.
  • Evening Vespers at 8:30 pm

Saturday, June 8th

  • Worship at 9:00 am
  • Theme, business, lunch and more business until 2:30 pm (Order of the Day)
  • Closing Conference before 3:00 pm
  • Celebration of Ministry Service at 3:30 pm at McKillop United Church in Lethbridge
  • Banquet (off-site) starting at 5:30 pm

We look forward to welcoming you to Lethbridge, and our first ANNUAL GATHERING.

Grace and peace, on behalf of the hosting team,

Regional Commissioners on the Local Hosting Team:

Bob Wallace               (403) 382-0838            

Kathy Yamashita                                              

Local Hosting Team Members:

Laura Prins     Refreshments

Joan Smith     Registration

Esther Crews  Worship/Theme

Sarah Wallace     Hospitality

Ken Rogers    Music/Theme

Terry Shillington            Theme

Joan Fiddler         Book & Other Displays

Doreen  Tibbo       Youth at Gathering

Rod Sauter            Local Arrangements

Dave Pollard            Business/Flow