Clarification: General Council and Regional Assessments

We have received several questions about the National and Regional Assessments. We hope the following will clarify any confusion.

Starting in 2019 the General Council inaugurated a new, national assessment to help pay for the core governance and shared services work of the church. Chinook Winds Region has also decided to have an additional assessment (10% of the General Council assessment amount).

Communities of faith should have already received their assessment notices.

Both the General Council assessment and the Regional assessment are noted at the top of your assessment notice under “Summary.”

Unfortunately, the assessment notice then becomes confusing because the choices offered following the Summary only deal with the Denominational assessment.

Once you have made your Denominational assessment choice, please remit that amount PLUS an additional 10% for the Regional assessment to the General Council office. The General Council will remit the Regional assessment to the Region.

Information about how to make your remittance is on the bottom of your assessment notice.

If you have further questions about your Denominational assessment, please contact

If you have further questions about your Regional assessment, please contact